Sunday, August 14, 2011

Somethin' for the Ladies

As tonight's auctions wind down, I thought I'd make a new post. I'm actually auctioning off some "girly" items tonight. This is a nice mid-to-late 80s Minnie Mouse shirt:

Shirt has the Hanes Beefy-T tag:

The tag says it's a medium, but the shirt is actually pretty big. So, perhaps "Beefy" is a nice way of saying it's for larger individuals? I don't know. It has a small spot on it but overall is in pretty great shape. No bids, yet, though.

I've been learning a bit about dating vintage Levi's stuff, too. I found this very nice "For Girls" denim jacket last week:

It actually fits me very well... but, I do have a girly shape. Though, I have my suspicions as to whether or not this one is actually vintage. Basically, if a Levi's jacket has only two pockets it is supposed to be older, however, they did/do make repros. Currently, on the Levi's site, the newest repros have six pockets, so it just might be older.

Finally, and this is not quite vintage (I'd say 1990s), we have this awesome tee:

I actually bought this for myself to wear, but I am very particular about the fit of my shirts and the collar is just a wee bit big for my neck. Surprisingly, there is a bidding war going on over the shirt, so it will all work out... someone gets a sweet Dolly Parton shirt and I get some money.

When my auctions end, I will come back and list what they sold for just for fun. Maybe I will do this regularly. I'll be out of town next week, so I'll have to pick this idea up in a couple of weeks.

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