Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sold... to a Guy in Japan?

It's quite strange how many people from other countries completely ignore the shipping restrictions on my E Bay auctions. This has happened numerous times. My auctions are marked as 'Shipping to: United States.' The sole reason I set my shipping up this way is because it saves me a trip to the Post Office. Well, that and then I don't have to fill out a customs declaration form. I print out my own labels, and a bubble mailer with a t-shirt in it easily fits into my mailbox, so delivery is speedy. If the payment is instant, often I can have a shirt in the mail within minutes of the end of an auction. Sometimes people ask before bidding, but more often than not they just bid... and win. I just want to e-mail them a nice message along the lines of "Can't you freakin' read?!" Though, that, literally, might be the problem; a language barrier. Taking that into consideration, I've never turned anyone down. The Post Office is exactly one block from my apartment, so it's not a huge deal, but, let's face it, walking there in the winter is no fun at all, even for a block. Anyway, I hope Hori in Sendai enjoys this shirt showcasing one of many embarrassing periods in Rolling Stones history:

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