Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a Rough Day

So, at Goodwill today, I found a rare Muppets soundtrack, in great condition, on vinyl... then proceeded to drop it on the damn floor and watch it crack. No! Then one of the workers told me one of her friends likes me. Too bad he was a nineteen year-old dude. To top it all off, I accidentally bought the non-minty kind of mouthwash at the store. I can't imagine anyone suffering as much as I did today. Though, I doubt I was suffering as much as the guy who asked if there was "a special zip code" they used to open the collectibles case. I'm pretty sure the poor fellow meant... well, I'm not sure what he meant, but I do know you can not open a lock with a zip code.

On the bright side, I picked this awesome 1985 AFC Conference Champions Miami Dolphins shirt:

I will probably put this on E Bay tomorrow night. It's a nice shirt. This is from when Russell started the Jerzees line of t-shirts in the mid-'80s.

By the way, the Fins got clobbered 38-16 by the Niners in that particular Super Bowl.

Finally, I was able to snatch a copy of the beloved "Pet Sounds" album; my first one from Goodwill. I've picked up the cassette and 8-track versions, but never the record.

It's actually the version coupled with the "Carl and the Passions - 'So Tough'" LP. Of course, the "Carl" portion of the package was missing and the record itself is well-played, but, hey, it's "Pet Sounds," so you freakin' buy it!

Tomorrow: Goodwill Outlet Center.

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